sunnuntai 30. toukokuuta 2010

Cosy Victoria ruokailuhuone/dining room

Herkullinen salaatti on Jatan käsialaa
Delicious salad is made by Jatta

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Susanne kirjoitti...

Dear Lissu, your work is brilliant as ever, the salad and everything. But gosh, I like that wooden sign so much! It´s fab!
Love, Susanne

miniacollection kirjoitti...

Lovely room.
Your salad is perfect and I like very much what you put on the dresser.

Evelien kirjoitti...

Beautiful tabledressing and I really like the signs and the star on the wall/sidetable!

groetjes evelien

brae kirjoitti...

Beautiful setup, and the lighting is amazing!

cockerina kirjoitti...

hello Lissu!!
on my blog, I am organizing an international swap:
"Holiday swap"
you want to join?
kisses, Caterina