lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

Cosy Victoria kylppäri / Bathroom

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Flora kirjoitti...

This bathroom is pretty small. Given the small space, you managed to get a wonderful result using a few but important details.
The baskets are beautiful: you made it yourself?

Liberty Biberty kirjoitti...

Beautiful bathroom Lissu. Very cute little toilet brush!

Lena kirjoitti...

Great bathroom, Lissu! I just love the woodroof and all details!
I´ve got an award for you to pic up in my blog!


brae kirjoitti...

I love the black and cream color combination with the pop of red in the rug. Excellent work!

Alienora kirjoitti...

I really love the idea with basket for toilet paper! I must make something like this for my bathroom.
Hugs from Poland,