torstai 11. helmikuuta 2010

Swap with Mercedes/ Vaihto Mercedeksen kanssa

I had lovely "shabby chic"-swap with Mercedes.
I was like a child in the candy shop when I opened packages!
Thank You so much Mercedes!!!

Vaihdoin paketteja Mercedeksen kanssa.
Hän sai omansa tänään, joten voin julkaista tämän entryn.
Aivan ihanan suloisia paketteja,
ihan kuin olisi ollut joulu, kun niitä avasin!

Kiitos sinulle Mercedes!

12 kommenttia:

Hissunkissun kirjoitti...

Aivan ihania tavaroita. Tilkkutäkki oli oikea karamelli.

Liberty Biberty kirjoitti...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful, beautiful things you sent to me.
It has been so much fun swapping with you Lissu!

miniacollection kirjoitti...

Lovely gifts. They are all wonderful.

Wee Cute Treasures kirjoitti...

Absolutely beautiful things that you both gave each other. I want them ALL!!! Carol :)

Un Taller de Miniaturas kirjoitti...

What a great swap!! Colours are so sweet...
I love all the gifts, but the rose carpet is gorgeous. Can you tell me where did you buy it?

Best regards,

Christel Jensen kirjoitti...

Lissu how wonderful .Looks like you two have been having lots of fun. Love what you have done to the pictures also. Gerat work:)

tom pouce kirjoitti...

I love your creations. So delicate and charming!

By the way I saw, in your links, you put Victorian cat's dream. She is a friend of mine. Her site doesn't exist anymore but she now has a blog where you can find her creations:
Just to keep you updated!

Arantxa kirjoitti...


Great creations i like so much!!
It's lovely gifts.


Peach Blossom Hill kirjoitti...

I am so glad to have found you through Mercedes' blog! The gifts you sent her were so lovely! I especially loved the pretty rug with pink floral motif! Beautiful!


synnøve kirjoitti...

You are both very talented and your lovely work goes so well together!! Great swap :-)

Gemma (Gempo) kirjoitti...

Hello Lissu, I am a new follower, first congratulations for your blog and your job is very beautiful and the second wonderful swap for both. Best wishes. Gemma (ponsxpons)

Pikkusisko kirjoitti...

Voi hyvänen aika, kuinka ihania tavaroita kaikki!